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Mid Michigan Research provides comprehensive solutions for in-cylinder research and analyis of internal combustion engines (gasoline and diesel). They include: CASE, a ring-pack and piston dynamics software simulation tool, optically accessible engines for research and imaging and research services for in-cylinder imaging and engine studies.

Cylinder Kit Analysis System for Engines (CASE)
Our cylinder kit analysis tool CASE is a complete software tool for parametric studies of the ring-pack and piston of internal combustion engines. It is used for predicting blowby, cylinder wear, energy losses and many other dynamic and tribological phenomena. CASE is accompanied by a very user-friendly graphical user interface and several useful visualization tools for the analysis of simulation output data.
Optically Accessible Engines
Our optical engines can provides a wide range of solutions for in-cylinder visualization. Both radial and axial accesible engines are available for a most complete visual access to the combustion chamber. Optical engines have been used to perform combustion visualization, in-cylinder flow studies and oil-film thickness analysis.
Research Services
We also provide the knowledge, tools and ability to provide the highest quality research and imaging services for the in-cylinder studies mentioned above.